What Did Vegas Look Like in 1982?

Take a look at this great color photo of Las Vegas back in 1982. Click on it for more details. Source: Vintage Las Vegas

View of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville & Monticello, taken from Lewis Mountain

University of Virginia in 1856

This great old print shows the University of Virginia in Charlottesville back in 1856, as seen from Lewis Mountain. Click on it for some amazing details. Source: Library of Congress


1935 Photo of Jefferson Market Courthouse in New York City

Check out this great photo of New York in 1935. You’re looking at the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library. It was originally built as the Third District Judicial Courthouse in the 1870s. Jefferson Market Court, southwest...


Beautiful Port of Helsinki in the 1890s

Anyone from Finland out there, or visit Helsinki before and recognize where this is? It appears to be somewhere close to the water where you can see, what appears to be, the Uspenski Cathedral. Helsinki waterfront in the 1890s Source:...


Two Women “Dining” in Ohio

I had to share this fascinating photo from Dayton, Ohio. It appears to be two women, in aprons, posing for maybe a promotional photo?   Source: Shorpy


Check Out Mark Twain in Color

This cool photo has been colorized to show Mark Twain in color. This is almost as cool as this photo of Abe Lincoln we have on Ghosts of DC. Mark Twain in color Here’s another great one showing Mark Twain...


Prague’s Charles Bridge in the 19th Century

Below is a wonderful old photo of Prague’s Charles Bridge in a photo taken in the late 19th century. Prague’s Charles Bridge in the 19th century Source: Library of Congress


Istanbul When It Was Constantinople 150 Years Ago

This series of photos shows old Constantinople in the Ottoman Empire, now known as Istanbul, Turkey. They were taken some time in the late 19th century. Mosque of Sultan Bayazid in Istanbul, Turkey Source: Library of Congress Mosque of Tophane...


Old Larkin Theatre in San Francisco in 1939

This photo shows the Larkin Theatre at 816 Larkin St. in San Francisco on May 4th, 1939. The theatre still stands and is now the New Century Theater (a strip club). Packard Sedan on Larkin Street in front of Larkin...


This Is the German U-Boat that Sank the Lusitania

It’s hard to apply the adjective “cool” to machines of war, but this 100-year-old photo is fascinating. It shows a number of German U-boats in port around 1915. Click on the image for a more detailed version. Photograph shows German...


President Eisenhower’s Motorcade in Kabul, Afghanistan

Now this is a pretty rare and unique photograph from the 1950s. This one shows President Dwight Eisenhower on his trip to Kabul, Afghanistan on December 9th, 1959, near the end of his presidency. Motorcade for President Eisenhower’s visit to...


New Orleans Bourbon Boys of 1925

How great is this old photo of two young boys standing on a street corner in New Orleans? These two children are standing at the corner of Bourbon Street and Ursulines Avenue. Bourbon Street and Ursulines Avenue circa 1925. “New Orleans...


Swimming Race in Paris on the Seine

Here’s a lovely photo from Paris taken around 1920. It shows a swimming race on the Seine in front of the Louvre. This is a photo of the 10km swim river-race through Paris on the Seine. It was held from...

1884 Map of Camden, Maine

We love these old fire maps. Here’s a Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Camden, Maine from 1884.

The Old Country Store in Gordonton, North Carolina

Great old photo from 1939 in Gordonton, North Carolina. We’re looking at an old country store on a Sunday afternoon. A little Googling shows the building still standing today, which is just fascinating. Take a look at this image we...

Utah State University in 1892

It’s been quite some time since we uncovered great old photos. Here’s a cool one from the Utah, showing Utah State University in 1892. Source: Wikipedia