Frederick Douglass in Front of His D.C. Home

This is a great image that we cross-posted on Ghosts of DC. Check it out. You’re looking at Frederick Douglass in 1876, standing in front of his Capitol Hill home. The building still stands today and you can check it...


The French Opera House in New Orleans

Sadly, this lovely building was destroyed by fire in 1919. But this lovely photo shows it in glorious detail as it stood in the 1880s. Source: Library of Congress


July 4th, 1941 in Watertown, Wisconsin

Happy Fourth of July! Here’s another great image of celebrations back in 1941. This time you’re looking at Watertown, Wisconsin. Source: Library of Congress

Plan of the city of New York in 1789

Amazing 1789 Plan of New York City

How great are these old maps of New York? We dug this one up at the Library of Congress online and it shows the bottom of Manhattan as it looked in 1789. Click on it for some amazing details. Source:...


Historic Palo Alto Gas Station

This series of photos from the 1980s shows an old gas station, originally built in 1929. It’s still located at 799 Alma St. in Palo Alto, California. Violet Ray Gasoline Station, 799 Alma Street, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, CA...


1900 Photo of Plaza de la Constitución in Buenos Aires

We’ve posted quite a few photos from Buenos Aires recently. Here’s another great one showing Plaza de la Constitución. Plaza de la Constitución in Buenos Aires in 1900 Source: Library of Congress


1890s Photo of Norway’s Parliament in Oslo

What a great photochrom of Norway’s parliament building in Oslo, also known as the Storting building (Stortingsbygningen). The building’s construction began in 1860 and was completed in 1866. Click on the image for a terrific, larger version. This image is...


Recognize Montreal From 1916?

Look at this great old photo of Montreal in 1916. You’re looking at St. Catherine St. Circa 1916. “St. Catherine Street, Montreal, Quebec.” Je me souviens. 8×10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. Source: Shorpy


What Did Times Square Look Like in 1953?

This great detailed photo shows New York City’s Times Square in 1953. Click on it to see a larger version. The photo was taken a few days before New Year’s Eve. Dec. 29, 1953. “New York City views. Times Square...


Beautiful Elizabeth Taylor at 24 Years Old in 1956

Elizabeth Taylor was certainly known for her stunning beauty (if not her proclivity to collect ex-husbands). This colorized photo of her shows a seductive pose in 1956 at the age of 24. Elizabeth Taylor in 1956 Source: Reddit user malakon


Beautiful Aerial View of Boston in 1928

Check out this great old photo of Boston from the air in 1928. North End with Customs House and markets in centre foreground, North Station in background. (1928) Source: Boston Public Library

1884 Map of Camden, Maine

We love these old fire maps. Here’s a Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Camden, Maine from 1884.

The Old Country Store in Gordonton, North Carolina

Great old photo from 1939 in Gordonton, North Carolina. We’re looking at an old country store on a Sunday afternoon. A little Googling shows the building still standing today, which is just fascinating. Take a look at this image we...

Utah State University in 1892

It’s been quite some time since we uncovered great old photos. Here’s a cool one from the Utah, showing Utah State University in 1892. Source: Wikipedia