Beautiful Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, Japan c. 1879

This beautiful view from 1879 shows Kyoto from Otowa-san Kiyomizu-dera. If you haven’t been there or seen this, it’s one of the most stunning sites to see in Kyoto, if not all of Japan. Source: Smithsonian


What Did Detroit Look Like in 1902?

How much do we love these old photos of Detroit? We constantly find amazing old photos of the city back in the glory days. Source: Library of Congress


Amazing Photos of Fenway Park in Boston in 1914

These photos are so great. They show Fenway Park way back in 1914, two years after it opened and the year Boston was in the World Series and would sweep Philadelphia to win it all. No, not the Red Sox...


This is Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue in the 1920s

We love old photos like this, especially showing New York City in the 1920s. This specific one shows Brooklyn, looking west on Atlantic Avenue from Sackman Street. Source: Flickr user Andy Blair Below is what we believe to be approximately...


Detroit’s Campus Martius in 1890

Here’s a great old photo of Detroit‘s Campus Martius in 1890. In the distance you can see an old moontower (or moonlight tower). Remember the scene in Dazed and Confused … party at the moon tower? Yes, that moontower. Austin still...


What Did New Orleans Look Like in 1852?

Take a look below. This lithograph was done in 1852, showing New Orleans as seen from St. Patrick’s Church. New Orleans from St. Patrick’s Church 1852 / J.W. Hill & Smith, del. ; lith. par B.F. Smith, Jr. Source: Library...


Oldest Female Olympic Gold Medalist…Was 53 Years Old!

Queenie Newall (pictured here) won the gold medal for archery in the 1908 Olympic games at the tender age of 53, proving the point that age ain’t nothin’ but a number. To this day, she is still the oldest female...

1884 Map of Camden, Maine

We love these old fire maps. Here’s a Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Camden, Maine from 1884.

The Old Country Store in Gordonton, North Carolina

Great old photo from 1939 in Gordonton, North Carolina. We’re looking at an old country store on a Sunday afternoon. A little Googling shows the building still standing today, which is just fascinating. Take a look at this image we...

Utah State University in 1892

It’s been quite some time since we uncovered great old photos. Here’s a cool one from the Utah, showing Utah State University in 1892. Source: Wikipedia