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Take a Look Back in Time – An 1880 Bird’s-Eye View of San Diego and Coronado

Take a look back in time at an 1880 bird's-eye view of San Diego and Coronado. You're looking at Coronado in the foreground, with San Diego Bay in the middle and San Diego itself in the distance. Source: Library of Congress.
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Check out this cool 1880 bird’s-eye view of San Diego and Coronado. You’re looking at Coronado in the foreground, with San Diego Bay in the middle and San Diego itself in the distance. By 1880, the city of San Diego had been around quite some time but it was only incorporated in 1850, the same year California was admitted to the United States.

Bird’s eye view of Coronado Beach, San Diego Bay and city of San Diego, Cal. in distance

Source: Library of Congress

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