1890s View Down Dublin’s O’Connell Street

This is a beautiful old photo of Dublin, Ireland taken in the late 1890s. You’re looking down O’Connell Street, formerly known as Sackville Street, across the O’Connell Bridge.

Sackville Street in 1890s

Source: Library of Congress

Take a look at approximately the same scene today on Google Street View.

[iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1426703937523!6m8!1m7!1sxf38wqHFR72Aw-wpAMXKCA!2m2!1d53.347011!2d-6.258793!3f326.213704389294!4f-8.161644672377776!5f0.7820865974627469″ width=”700″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″]