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How the Lewis & Clark Exposition of 1905 Changed Portland Forever

Learn how the Lewis & Clark Exposition of 1905 changed Portland forever and propelled its population from 161,000 to 270,000 by 1910. See a beautiful 1905 photo of Portland, plus another from 1927.
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How cool is this great photo of Portland? It shows a clear-cut hill in front of the Lewis & Clark Exposition of 1905. It marked the centennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It ran for four months, attracting 1.6 million people. And, in the following years, the population of Portland exploded from 161,000 to 270,000 by 1910.

1905 photo of Portland

Source: Oregon Public Broadcasting & Oregon Historical Society

You’ll also like this beautiful image of Portland from 1927. It’s one of our most popular photos.

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