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Day: March 9, 2015

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An Amazing Window Into The Past: Old Photos From The 1889 Paris Exposition
Take a peek into the past with these amazing old photos from the 1889 Paris Exposition, where the iconic...
John F. Kennedy's Visit to Ireland: A Rapturous Welcome and a Homecoming
In 1963 President John F. Kennedy traveled to Ireland for a four-day trip and was met with a rapturous...
Exploring Olderfleet Castle: A Look at the Ruins of Curran Castle in 1865
Take a look at the ruins of Olderfleet Castle in 1865. Learn about its origin and its history as Curran...
Detroit at Night in 1910 – An Incredible Last Photo of the Motor City
Check out this incredible last photo of Detroit in 1910, showing the Motor City at night. Get an up-close...
A Glimpse of Detroit in 1915: An Incredible Photo from the Motor City
Discover a glimpse of Detroit in 1915 with this incredible photo of Campus Martius, Detroit. With the...
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