March 13, 2015


John and Jackie Kennedy Get Married in 1953

This is a photo of the happy couple on their wedding day in Newport, Rhode Island, September 12th, 1953. Make sure you check out these photos of Jackie Kennedy and other former First Ladies when they were young. “Jacqueline Bouvier...


New Orleans Mardi Gras in 1900

New Orleans 1900 was just as fun during Mardi Gras as today. Take a look at 1900 New Orleans partying and see for your self.


Ida Wells-Barnett — A Suffragist and Trailblazer to Remember

Ida Wells-Barnett Source: Black Media Council You want to talk about breaking barriers? No one better epitomizes that sentiment than Ida Wells-Barnett, the founder of the first black woman suffrage organization, the Alpha Suffrage Club of Chicago. Born a slave...


Buckingham Palace at Night in the 1920s

Here is a beautiful photo of Buckingham Palace in London at night. The photo was taken sometime in the  1920s. Buckingham Palace at night   Source: Vintage Everyday


Close-Up of Washington Monument Apex

Here’s another great photo of the Washington Monument’s apex. We posted an earlier one a little while ago that was quite popular. It’s not really old, being from 1993, but it’s over 20 years old and pretty cool, so I’m...