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Day: March 18, 2015

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A Look Back: Dublin, Ireland in the Late 1890s and What It Looks Like Today
Take a look back at Dublin, Ireland in the late 1890s and then compare it to what it looks like in the...
An Amazing Look at Detroit in the 1910s - Woodward Avenue
Take a look at an amazing old photo of Detroit from the 1910s. This photo shows Woodward Avenue and is...
Exploring an 1815 Map of New Orleans – Remembering the Battle of New Orleans
Explore an 1815 map of New Orleans and take a journey back in time to the Battle of New Orleans, a major...
A Look Back at Grand Rapids in 1908
Take a look back at Grand Rapids in 1908, with a photo from Canal St. and Monroe intersection. Compare...
Celebrating 110 Years! Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt's Wedding Anniversary
Today marks 110 years since Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt tied the knot! In honor of their wedding anniversary,...
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a Color Lithograph from 1894 Depicting Historical Emblems of Ireland
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this beautiful color lithograph from 1894 depicting historical emblems...
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