March 24, 2015


1899 St. Louis Perfectos Baseball Club

That’s right … the team from St. Louis in 1899 was called the Perfectos. That is such a sweet team name. They went 84-67 that season, finishing in fifth place in the National League. The team would eventually evolve into...


Working Children of Nashville in the 1900s

We do a lot of photos of buildings, including the recent ones we did of Nashville. They’re great, but it’s time to share some cool old photos of people. Here is a great series of photos that we dug up...


Political Map of 1856 U.S. Presidential Election

This is a fascinating political map of the United States for the 1856 presidential election. Campaign obsessed folks in D.C. are probably going to love this, especially as we ramp up toward the 2016 election, a full 160 years after...


1989 Map of Divided Berlin

Here is a map of Berlin from 1989, the same year the Berlin Wall came down. 1989 map of Berlin Source: Library of Congress