March 26, 2015


Duane Allman and Wilson Pickett at Muscle Shoals

Wilson Pickett and Duane Allman Source: University of North Alabama You must, must, must watch the documentary on Muscle Shoals Sound Studio — “rock ‘n roll heaven,” as Keith Richards has called it. Don’t know anything about this magical place?...


St. Louis Intersection of Washington Ave. and 7th St.

Washington Avenue looking east from Seventh Street. Photograph, 1910-15. Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collections. Swekosky-MHS Collection. Source: Missouri History Museum Even cooler, check out the same intersection an view today on Google Street View. [iframe src=”!1m0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1426996952335!6m8!1m7!1s7rF63DbTNuHXnfsdyDT6cg!2m2!1d38.630447!2d-90.190453!3f110.00363907977082!4f-5.667644299017354!5f1.4214797185029173″ width=”700″ height=”600″...


French Wine for American GI’s

WWII American soldiers review a selection of French wines Source: Once Upon A Time In War Looks like quite the selection boys!


Bird’s-Eye View of Tennessee Exposition of 1897

This is a cool bird’s-eye view of the Tennessee Exposition of 1897, in celebration of the state’s centennial. Tennessee Centennial Exposition, Nashville, Tennessee Source: Library of Congress


World War II Photos of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

These are some powerful and sad photos of the impressive Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. These were all taken around the end of World War II. Source: Photos of War Source: DeviantArt Source: Everyday Pop Source: Bundeskanzlerin Source: Constant Source:...