March 30, 2015


1904 Map of Bar Harbor, Maine

Check out this cool 1904 map of Bar Harbor, Maine. Map of Bar Harbor, Maine, 1904 Source: Library of Congress


Toronto Island Airport in 1940

If you’ve flown into Toronto and landed at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (does anyone really call it that?), you know how convenient it is. Here’s a view of the airport from the air in 1940. I believe the ballpark on...


This is Downtown Portland, Oregon in 1966

This is a cool photo of Portland’s downtown in 1966, showing the Kress Building at 638 SW 5th Avenue. Make sure you check out this awesome panorama of Portland in 1927. Portland downtown in 1966 Source: Shorpy Here is the view...


This is Stockholm in the 1920s

We have a series of amazing images of Stockholm coming up this week from the 1890s on up to the 1970s. Stockholm is a beautiful city, which sadly, I haven’t visited in over 25 years, but one day I hope to...


Beautiful Paris in 1900, in Color

Look how beautiful Paris was in 1900 for the Exposition Universelle. These are awesome color images of the city from over 110 years ago. The Pavilions of the Nations, II, Exposition Universal, 1900, Paris, France Source: Library of Congress Ancient Paris...