April 1, 2015


1879 Bird’s-Eye View of Portland, Oregon

This one is an amazing view of Portland, Oregon in 1879. The city was only founded in 1845 and incorporated in 1851, so it was a young city as depicted in this lithograph. You’re looking east from Portland, across the...


Stadtschloss, Berlin City Palace in 1860

Sadly, this structure didn’t survive the damage of World War II. The Berlin City Palace was heavily damaged during the war and ultimately razed in 1950 by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). The Germany reunification led to calls for...


Bowdoin College in 1910

These photos show Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine back in 1910. Click on them for larger versions. Bowdoin College in Maine Source: Library of Congress Bowdoin College in Maine Source: Library of Congress   Bowdoin College in Maine Source: Library...


View of Toronto From the Bay in 1901

This is a beautiful color view of Toronto as seen from Lake Ontario in 1901. Click on it for a larger version. At the time, the city had just under 200,000 residents and was three years away from the devastating fire of...


Beautiful Stockholm Seen From the Air in 1970

This is a beautiful photo of Stockholm as seen from the air. The image is from a 1970 postcard that we found on Flickr. Aerial view of Stockholm in 1970 Source: Flickr user Roger Below is the description from Flickr....


1880 Bird’s-Eye View of San Diego and Coronado

Check out this cool 1880 bird’s-eye view of San Diego and Coronado. You’re looking at Coronado in the foreground, with San Diego Bay in the middle and San Diego itself in the distance. By 1880, the city of San Diego...


Early 1900s Panorama of Los Angeles

This is a beautiful color image showing a panorama of Los Angeles. It was take sometime between 1898 and 1905. Panorama of Los Angeles in early 1900s Source: Library of Congress


What Did Los Angeles Look Like in 1869?

Aren’t you curious what Los Angeles looked like back around the Civil War? Here is a photo taken four years after the end of the war. The caption states that the image was taken from where the court house stands...


Look at San Diego in the 1910s

Look at San Diego as it looks about 100 years ago. The photo was taken in the 1910s from the roof of the U.S. Grant Hotel. The hotel was built in 1910 by Ulysses S. Grant, Jr. (the son of...