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Day: April 3, 2015

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An Incredible 1798 Map of Maine Created in Hamburg, Germany
This 1798 map of Maine is truly incredible. It was created in Hamburg, Germany by Carl Ernst Bohn. Discover...
Relive the Glory Days of Flying with These 1970s Television Commercials
Take a trip back in time with these 70s TV commercials and relive the glory days of flying! Check out...
Exploring a Historic Map of Toronto from 1884 and Comparing it to Today
Take a look back in time with this cool historic map of Toronto from 1884 showing St. James Ward. Compare...
Stockholm 1936 – A Cool Old Film of the Venice of the North
We're closing out the week with some old film footage of Stockholm, Sweden from before World War II....
Take a Trip Back in Time to 1899 San Diego and Coronado Beach in Rare Photos
Take a trip back to 1899 and explore San Diego and Coronado Beach with these rare photos from 1899. Click...
Incredible Images of Crater Lake in Oregon in the Early 1900s
Amazing images of Crater Lake in Oregon from the early 1900s. This is one of the most beautiful places...
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