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Day: April 7, 2015

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San Diego Streetcar Photos from the 1940s
Take a look at cool old photos of San Diego streetcars from the 1940s and view the same area today on...
Take a Look at the Detroit Skyline from 1913
Take a look at the Detroit skyline from 1913 with this image from Cool Old Photos. View the Dime, Penobscot,...
Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Jazz Legend Billie Holiday
Today is a special day! It's the 100th birthday of jazz legend Billie Holiday. Despite passing away at...
The Explosive Demise of Dublin's Nelson's Pillar in 1966
On March 8th, 1966, Nelson's Pillar on O'Connell Street in Dublin exploded and tumbled to the ground....
Exploring U2's Early Years: Before they Were Famous, See Amazing Photos and Hear the Story of their Concert the Night Before John Lennon's Tragic Death
Go back in time and explore U2's early years with amazing photos, taken before the band became world-famous....
The Summer of '41: A Bizarre Photo Series of Women Playing Strip Poker in Detroit
Take a look at this bizarre photo series from the summer of 1941 in Detroit, where a group of women play...
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