April 10, 2015


1910 Memorial Day Parade in San Diego

Here is a terrific photo of San Diego from 1910. It shows a Memorial Day parade. U.S. Sailors March in c. 1910 Memorial Day Parade in San Diego, California – Remember Our Heroes May 31, 2010 Source: Sonny Brook Here...


Regular Guy With His Model T in 1923

Photos like this are great. Who is this guy and what happened to him? I love how he’s posing in front of his Model T. Ford Model T, Yakima, Washington, 1923Negative of picture from around 1923 showing a Ford Model...


Baltimore Before the Great 1904 Fire

This photo shows Baltimore before the great 1904 fire. Source: Digital Maryland This was also cross-posted on Ghosts of Baltimore.


President Kennedy Visits Dublin in 1963

Here is another great old photo of President Kennedy visiting Dublin in 1963. This was taken on June 29th that year and less than five month later he would be gunned down in Dallas, Texas. We’ve posted on this topic...

Amazing Film Footage of Hong Kong in 1962

Check out these awesome old clips of Hong Kong from 1962. We found them on YouTube, posted by Michael Rogge, who seems to have a great collection of old Hong Kong film footage. Thanks for posting this great stuff Michael!...