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Day: April 10, 2015

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A Look at the 1910 Memorial Day Parade in San Diego, California
Take a look at this incredible 1910 Memorial Day parade in San Diego, California. It's full of wonderful...
1900 Colorized Image of Stuyvesant Docks in New Orleans
Colorized version of Stuyvesant Dock 1900 New Orleans. Built and operated by the Illinois Central Railroad.
The Mysterious Man Behind the Ford Model T in Yakima, Washington, 1923
Who is the mysterious man posed in front of a Ford Model T in Yakima, Washington in 1923? Learn more...
A Look Back at Baltimore Before the Great Fire of 1904
A look back at Baltimore before the Great Fire of 1904 through a photograph that features a view of Baltimore...
President Kennedy's Visit to Dublin in 1963 - A Photographic Journey
Take a photographic journey with President Kennedy as he visits Dublin in 1963, the same week he gave...
Amazing Old Clips of Hong Kong from 1962
Check out these awesome old clips of Hong Kong from 1962. We found them on YouTube, posted by Michael...
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