April 23, 2015


King George VI and President Roosevelt Motorcade

Below is a great image we found at the Detroit Public Library showing King George VI and Franklin Roosevelt in a convertible vehicle heading down, what probably is, Pennsylvania Avenue during the former’s official visit in 1939. Packard Co. file...


Map of Early 19th Century Missions in New Zealand

Here is a map depicting New Zealand before 1840 and the location of all the mission stations. Map of New Zealand missions before 1840 Source: Archives New Zealand Below is the full description of the map. Missionaries played a huge...


Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser, Spring Training 1989

The 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers were awesome. It was an amazing baseball season largely due to these two amazing players. Kirk Gibson had an awesome season, hit the most memorable home run in World Series history (though there are a...