April 29, 2015


Check Out Cincinnati in 1914

This photo show the city of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1914, the same year World War I began in Europe. Cincinnati circa 1914. “Main Street from Fountain Square.” With a nice view of the Blymyer Building. 8×10 glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co....


Check Out New Orleans in 1941

This photo shows New Orleans, as it looked in 1941, before World War II. Go ahead and click on it for a larger version to see more details. January 1941. “Old buildings in New Orleans.” Custom Buttons and “Sandwiches of...


Swimming Race in Paris on the Seine

Here’s a lovely photo from Paris taken around 1920. It shows a swimming race on the Seine in front of the Louvre. This is a photo of the 10km swim river-race through Paris on the Seine. It was held from...