May 18, 2015


Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1922

Check out this beautiful photo of Pike Place Market in Seattle in 1922. Click on it for a larger version to zoom in on some great details. And, don’t miss this great series of photos of Seattle from the 1910s....


1879 Bird’s-Eye View of Brooklyn

What an incredible view of Brooklyn from 1879. Take a look at this and make sure you click on the image for a larger, more detailed version. Zooming in on the image is pretty fascinating. 1879 bird’s-eye view of Brooklyn...


TWA Constellation Flies Over New York in 1953

What a stunning shot of an old Lockheed Constellation with TWA livery flying over Manhattan in 1953. Click on the image for a much larger, detailed version. It’s pretty amazing what you can zoom in on with this photo. TWA flies...