August 20, 2015


Remember The Days of Los Angeles Streetcars?

This photo shows the old streetcars of Los Angeles before the automobile industry bought them out and ripped them all up. This streetcar is the Pacific Electric Railway’s car 745, westbound on Hollywood Boulevard towards Beverly Hills. The photo was...


What Did Elizabeth Street in Melbourne Look Like in the 1930s?

Have you wondered what Elizabeth Street looked like in the 1930s? Well, take a look for yourself and see the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia over 80 years ago. View from Burke Street intersection, North up Elizabeth Street. Trams, cars and...


Old Queen Arms Hotel in Melbourne, Australia Circa 1880

Our last photo of Melbourne was quite popular. Who knew we had so many Aussie fans! Well, here is another great historic photo from Australia, showing the old Queen Arms Hotel in Melbourne. Click the image for more details. Source:...