September 20, 2015


What Did Times Square Look Like in 1953?

This great detailed photo shows New York City’s Times Square in 1953. Click on it to see a larger version. The photo was taken a few days before New Year’s Eve. Dec. 29, 1953. “New York City views. Times Square...


Haunting 1907 Night Photo of Pittsburgh Skyline

This is one of our favorite images we’ve come across of Pittsburgh. You’re looking at the city off in the distance at night in 1907. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1907 Source: Shorpy


Incredible New York City Skyline From 1933

This amazing photo of the New York City skyline was taken on March 15th, 1933. On that day in history, the Dow rose from 53.84 to 62.10, still the largest single day percentage rise (15.34%). Source: Flickr