Amazing Photos of Fenway Park in Boston in 1914

These photos are so great. They show Fenway Park way back in 1914, two years after it opened and the year Boston was in the World Series and would sweep Philadelphia to win it all. No, not the Red Sox against the Phillies. The Boston Braves beat the Philadelphia Athletics, managed by the legendary Connie Mack.

Two years before these photos were taken, Titanic (check out these photos) struck an iceberg and went to the bottom of the Atlantic and one year later, Lusitania (check out these photos) was sent to the bottom of the Atlantic by a torpedo from a German U-boat.

The Boston Braves (who moved the Milwaukee in 1953 and Atlanta in 1966) ended up renting Fenway Park from the Red Sox after abandoning their own home field in August of that year. Shockingly, they were in last place as late as July, but ultimately ended up winning the National League pennant by 10 1/2 games.

Take a look at the images below and make sure to click on them for larger, more detailed versions.

1Fenway Park 1914

Fenway Park in 1914