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Unseen Image of the United States Capitol Building

Check out this unseen image of the United States Capitol Building. Learn more about the history & architecture of the building and see some great photos at Ghosts of DC. Also, explore the book The United States Capitol: Its Architecture and Decoration.
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This is a photo of the United States Capitol Building that we haven’t seen yet. What an amazing image. You can check out some other great photos of the building at Ghosts of DC. Also, if you’re into history and architecture, you might like this book about the building: The United States Capitol: Its Architecture and Decoration.


The East Front. No date, but buggies are the only wheeled vehicles in the picture. The House chamber is on the left side; the Senate, on the right. Horatio Greenough’s statue of George Washington is visible near the center of the photo, partially obscured by trees; the statue was transferred to the Smithsonian in 1908.

Source: edition_of_one

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