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Rare Photo of Apollo 13 Astronauts Fred Haise and Jim Lovell Doing an EVA Walkthrough

A rare photo of Apollo 13 astronauts Fred Haise and Jim Lovell doing an EVA (extravehicular activity) walkthrough on Earth. Remember the horror they experienced when attempting to land on the moon? Tom Hanks' movie about them is now 20 years old!
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Here is a rare photo of Apollo 13 astronauts, Fred Haise and Jim Lovell, doing an EVA (extravehicular activity) walkthrough while safely on Earth. We all know the horror that they experience when they attempted to land on the moon. Who didn’t see that Tom Hanks movie, which by the way … is 20 years old!

The two members of the Apollo 13 crew who will land on the Moon’s Fra Mauro region in the lunar module this spring underwent a walk-through of the extravehicular activity timeline here today. Fred W. haise, Jr., Lunar Module Pilot, tries out a motorized core sampler, right, while James A. Lovell, Jr., the Apollo 13 Commander, looks on at left.

Source: NASA on Flickr

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