Chicago ‘L’ in 1907 at Wabash and Van Buren

This is a view of the Chicago ‘L’ heading north over Wabash Avenue at Van Buren Street.

From 1907, a bird’s-eye view of Wabash Avenue in Chicago, showing the celebrated “El,” or elevated railway, as well as a number of piano manufacturers and the National Casket Company. Detroit Publishing Co.

Source: Shorpy

This is what the intersection looks like on Google Street View … that is, the view under the ‘L’. Make sure you check out our other old photos of Chicago.

[iframe src=”!1m0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1425430302560!6m8!1m7!1s8PXIOkuaFjsNqmh-_CavgA!2m2!1d41.876956!2d-87.626043!3f352.8901190438201!4f-4.819812203725888!5f0.7820865974627469″ width=”700″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″]