Four Republican U.S. Senators When They Were Young

This series of “when they were young” photos has been pretty popular, showing European leaders and former First Ladies. This time we are going to take a look at some United States Senators to see what they looked like before they hit the halls of Congress.

We went digging to see what we could find, and it turns out that it’s rather difficult to uncover old and often embarrassing photos of U.S. Senators. I’m sure their staffs do a good job of scrubbing the Internet. So, here are four Republican senators who are running or have run unsuccessfully for President of the United States.

Marco Rubio (R-Florida)

Marco Rubio in high school
Marco Rubio in high school

Marco Rubio, potential candidate for president in 2016 was born in 1971 and has been a senator from Florida since 2011, after previously serving as the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. He’s also also the guy that did the super awkward grab for the water bottle while doing the Republican response to President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union.

Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)

Rand Paul in high school
Rand Paul in high school

Rand Paul, another candidate for president, was born in 1963 to Dr. Ron Paul, former Congressman from Texas. Being a physician and politician both run in the family as he has followed his father into Congress and appears now to be following his dad’s footsteps in a run for the White House.

Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

Ted Cruz in high school
Ted Cruz in high school at Second Baptist School.

Senator Ted Cruz was born in 1970, in Calgary, Alberta. Can someone explain to me why and how he can run for president? Evidently, he is announcing today that he is making a run for the White House.

John McCain (R-Arizona)

John McCain in 1958 at the Naval Academy

John McCain, the oldest of this group (by a lot), was born in 1936 on a Naval Air Base in Panama. The son of an admiral and the grandson of of an admiral, he had a lot to live up to. He was a pretty wild and rebellious child, graduating near the bottom of the U.S. Naval Academy. He became a naval aviator, was shot down over Vietnam in 1967 and was held as a prisoner of war for over five years.