Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser, Spring Training 1989

The 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers were awesome. It was an amazing baseball season largely due to these two amazing players. Kirk Gibson had an awesome season, hit the most memorable home run in World Series history (though there are a few others that folks might argue for) and won the NL MVP that year. Orel Hershiser (check out this great book about his season) had his best year ever and set the record for most consecutive scoreless innings, rounding it out by winning the NL Cy Young Award.

The team came back down to Earth in 1989, finishing in fourth place, under .500, but that spring things were looking good and both Kirk and Orel were coming off career years. Below is a photo of them that February, shortly after they reported.

Kirk Gibson & Orel Hershiser in spring training 1989

Source: Jon Soo Hoo LA Photog Blog