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Explore the Nascent Air Mail Routes Across the United States in the 1920s

Take a look back in time at the development of air mail routes during the 1920s with these two maps from 1926 and 1928. See how the routes evolved and how many stops from Boston to San Francisco you had to make!
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How cool is this? This map shows the nascent air mail routes across the United States back in the 1920s.

This first one is from April of 1926. Look how many stops you had to take from Boston to San Francisco!

Post Office Department map of air mail routes, 04/24/1926.
Record Group: RG 28, United States Airmail Routes.
Rediscovery Identifier:11010

Source: U.S. National Archives

And here is the mail route map from August of 1928.

Post Office Department map of air mail routes, 08/21/1928.
Record Group: RG 28, United States Airmail Routes.
Rediscovery Identifier:11011

Source: U.S. National Archives

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