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The Capitol Theatre in Singapore – a Photo from 1964/1965

A 1960s photo of the old Capitol Theatre in Singapore, which still stands today as the Capitol Building. It's probably either from 1964 or 1965 and has been redeveloped as a luxury mixed-use property.
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This 1960s photo shows the old Capitol Theatre in Singapore, which still stands as the Capitol Building. It’s probably either from 1964 or 1965.

Capitol Theatre in Singapore

The building was completed in 1933 and served as a movie theater until 1988. During the Japanese occupation of World War II, the building continued to show movies, but under the name Kyo-Ei Gekijo, but in 1944, a bomb planted by the resistance damaged the building and the Japanese forbade further screenings of English language films.

The building appears to be redeveloped today as a luxury mixed-use property.

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