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The Day Ted Williams and Babe Ruth Met at Fenway Park to Support Under-Privileged Children

On July 12th, 1943, baseball legends Ted Williams and Babe Ruth met at Fenway Park in front of 18,000 fans for Mayor Tobin Field Day to support under-privileged children. Read the full story here.
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This photo shows two of the greatest baseball players that have ever lived. Ted Williams and Babe Ruth met on July 12th, 1943 in front of 18,000 fans at Fenway Park for Mayor Tobin Field Day to support under-privileged children.

Ted Williams meets Babe Ruth in 1943 at a charity baseball game

The Babe was well past his prime, but he still thrilled the crowd with his presence and massive swings at the plate. Make sure you click on the image for a larger, detailed version.

Below is an excerpt from an article published in The Boston Globe the following day.

It mattered little that once the mighty Bambino failed to turn back the years and keep pace with his youthful opponent, Boston’s Ted Williams. The combination of Father Time and elongated Ted’s terrific bat proved too much for the gallant and courageous Ruth, who tried in vain to please his hordes of predominantly youthful admirers in his efforts to connect with a Red Barrett pitch into “Ruthville.”

A five-hour program of thrilling events featuring the Service All-Stars’ exciting, 9 to 8, victory over Casey Stengel’s Braves, highlighted by Williams’ prodigious clout into the unpopulated center field bleacher sector, kept the enthusiastic crowd in buoyant mood despite the terrific humidity.

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