Terrifying New Zealand Ship Garthsnaid in Heavy Seas

Wow. How terrifying would it be to be one of the men standing in the rigging of this New Zealand ship? This is Garthsnaid en route from Chile to Mozambique some time in 1920.

Source: National Library of New Zealand

Below is some more information about the photo from the library.

On board the ship `Garthsnaid’ at sea, 1920, showing unidentified sailors securing a section of the foresail which had come free from the gaskets in heavy weather. Photographed by Alexander Harper Turner, acting second mate on the `Garthsnaid.’ This copy negative, and inscription, by David Alexander De Maus.

Inscriptions: Inscribed – Photographer’s title on negative -bottom left: “Garthsnaid.”Marginal notes on negative -top left: Garthsnaid. Barque.

This photograph was taken between 24 April and 26 July 1920 when the `Garthsnaid’ was on passage from Iquiqui, Chile to Delagoa (now Maputo) Bay, Mozambique with a cargo of nitrate. At the time the photgrapher was 19 years old and had been acting second mate from February 1920. He took the photograph from the jibboom end with a camera he had bought in Iquiqui. (information from `The Grain Races 1920-,’ Basil Greehill and John Hackman, Conway Maritime Press, London, 1986, page 117, and Sue Turner grandaughter of Alexander Turner).

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