Notre Dame de Paris in the 1860s

It is an unspeakable tragedy that happened in Paris this weekend. In honor of the stunningly beautiful Notre Dame de Paris cathedral here’s an incredible old image.

Original 90210 Cast; RIP Luke Perry

Today is a sad day. Yesterday, Luke Perry (Dylan McKay) died from complications caused by a stroke. Such great memories from this group. Also, the jeans are amazing. Let’s see if I can remember all the names from the original...


The French Opera House in New Orleans

Sadly, this lovely building was destroyed by fire in 1919. But this lovely photo shows it in glorious detail as it stood in the 1880s. Source: Library of Congress


1900s Chicago in Color

This series of photos shows the city of Chicago in color in the opening years of the 20th century. Source: Library of Congress


Stunning Night Photo of Charleston in 1910

What an incredible image of Charleston, South Carolina in 1910. It’s reminiscent of this great image of Detroit at night, that same year. Make sure you click on the image below for a larger version. It’s pretty amazing. Source: Shorpy