Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner at Sea in 1958

Here's a foreshadowing photo of the couple. In 1981 Natalie would disappear off their yacht near Catalina Island, presumed to be dead.

Beautiful Aerial View of Parliament House in Canberra

This stunning old photo from 1937 shows Parliament House in Canberra, Australia. Source: Flickr

Bird’s Eye View of Santa Fe in 1882

How lovely is this old map of Santa Fe? Click on it for some amazing details.Source: Library of Congress

Map of Phoenix in 1885

We love old maps. Okay, they aren't photos, but how cool is this one showing Phoenix, Arizona way back in 1885.Source: Library of Congress

President Kennedy’s Speech at University of Washington

This rare photo shows President John F. Kennedy giving a speech at the University of Washington on November 16th, 1961.Source: National Archives

Rotorua Express Leaving Auckland in 1909

We love old photos of New Zealand, and this is one of the better ones we've dug up from the early 20th century. You're looking...

Robert E. Lee a Week After Surrendering at Appomattox

What a stunning old photo of Robert E. Lee. The sullen face of a broken man. This is a colorized image from a photo...

Des Moines, the American Heartland in 1939

During the depths of the Great Depression, this is a photo taken in Des Moines, Iowa. You're looking at the state capitol building.Source: Shorpy

Marian Anderson and Leonard Bernstein in 1947

This is a lovely old photo from June 1947 showing Marian Anderson and Leonard Bernstein rehearsing before a performance at Lewisohn Stadium on the...

St. Paul, Minnesota in 1908

Take a look at this stunning old photo of St. Paul way back in the early 1900s. You're looking at Robert Street.Source: ShorpyHere's the...

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