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Exploring Stockholm Through Amazing Historical Photos from the 1890s to the 1970s

Take a journey back in time with this series of amazing historical photos of Stockholm, from the 1890s to the 1970s. Explore the beautiful city and its landmarks as it looked over the decades.
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We have a series of amazing images of Stockholm coming up this week from the 1890s on up to the 1970s. Stockholm is a beautiful city, which sadly, I haven’t visited in over 25 years, but one day I hope to return.

Here are some photos showing Stockholm as it looked in the 1920s. Njut av dessa bilder av Stockholm.

Stockholm fire brigade in 1925

Source: Stockholms stad

Hamngatan 30 in 1924 or 1925

Source: Stockholms stad

PG Sjöholm. The exterior of the store in 1925.

Source: Stockholms stad

East Slussgatan from Karl Johans Square 1925

Source: Stockholms stad

Stockholm and Sweden’s first traffic signal was in the corner of Kungsgatan / Vasagatan and became operational in January 1925. A policeman took care of signal changes. The signal was sitting on a four-meter high pole.

Source: Wikipedia

A policeman directs traffic at Slussen 1925

Source: Wikipedia

Nybroplan at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. In the center right standing tower’s bell, a legendary venue. August, 1925

Source: Wikipedia

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