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A Glimpse of New York City in the 1970s: A Look at the Manhattan Bridge Tower from Brooklyn

Take a look at the Manhattan Bridge Tower from Brooklyn in 1970s New York City. This was a decade when the city was far less Disney-like and clean, and much more dirty, gritty, and crime-ridden. See the great bridges that connect Brooklyn and Manhattan, the traffic streets, and need and use for living space and beauty.
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Here is a beautiful image showing New York of the 1970s. That was a decade when the city was far less Disney-like and clean, and much more dirty, gritty, and crime-ridden. You’re looking at the Manhattan Bridge Tower from Brooklyn.

Manhattan Bridge Tower in Brooklyn, New York City, Framed through Nearby Buildings. Brooklyn Remains One of America’s Best Surviving Examples of a 19th Century City. The Project Shows the Great Bridges That Connect Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Traffic Streets, and Need and Use for Living Space and Beauty. Some of the Best American Architecture Survives in Her “Worst” Neighborhoods That Aren’t Demolished 06/1974

Source: U.S. National Archive

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