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Tag: 1850s

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1856 Map of Delaware County, New York
This incredible map shows Delaware County in the Catskills back in 1856. What a beautiful old map.
View of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville & Monticello, taken from Lewis Mountain
A Rare Glimpse of the University of Virginia in 1856
Take a rare look back at the University of Virginia in 1856 with this amazing print seen from Lewis Mountain...
Amazing Photos Showing Boston in the Late 1850s and Early 1860s
Check out these amazing photos of Boston in the late 1850s and early 1860s. Click on them to see greater...
Incredible Photo of Paris from 160 Years Ago - Click for Bigger Version
Check out this incredible photo from over 160 years ago. Click on it for a larger version of Paris from...
A Stunning 160-Year-Old Photo of Swanston Street in Melbourne, Australia
Take a look at this stunning 160-year-old photo of Swanston Street in Melbourne, Australia. This photo...
Exploring Bourke Street in Melbourne, Australia - A Photo from 1858
Explore Bourke Street in Melbourne, Australia through an incredible 1858 photo. See the streetscape,...
A Fascinating Map of the United States for the 1856 Presidential Election
Explore a fascinating political map of the United States from the 1856 Presidential Election. Click on...
A Look Back at New Orleans in 1852
Take a look at this amazing lithograph from 1852, showing New Orleans as seen from St. Patrick's Church....
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