Notre Dame de Paris in the 1860s

It is an unspeakable tragedy that happened in Paris this weekend. In honor of the stunningly beautiful Notre Dame de Paris cathedral here’s an incredible old image.

October 1864. "Petersburg, Virginia. Hospital stewards of 2d Division, 9th Corps, in front of tents."

Civil War Happy Hour

This photo shows a few men enjoying, what appears to be, a bottle of wine. Source: Shorpy

1863 portrait of Gen. Custer

Portrait of General George A. Custer

This is a fantastic old portrait of General George Armstrong Custer. This photo was taken in 1863 by Mathew Brady, during the Civil War. Source: U.S. National Archives


1865 Map of the Territory of Montana

How cool is this old map from just at the end of the Civil War? It shows the then territory of Montana. Source: Library of Congress


1860s Market Square Outside Dallas, Texas

This photo shows Cleburne, Texas some time in the 1860s. You have to click on it to see amazing details. Market Square, Cleburne, Texas Source: Library of Congress


This Was Boston in the 1850s and 1860s

Check out this great series of photos showing Boston in the late 1850s and early 1860s. Click on them to see greater details. They’re pretty amazing. View from grounds of the State House on Beacon Hil. Ticknor House on left,...


See the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem in 1867

This is one of the most amazing photos we have seen. It shows the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem back in 1867, though I’m slightly confused, because it’s also labeled Mosquée d’Omar. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem in...


Chinese Embassy to the United States in 1868

Check out this fascinating old photograph of the Chinese Embassy in 1868. Photograph shows a group portrait of ten Chinese men (names written in Chinese under their portraits), including Chih Kang, Sun Chia Ku, and interpreters. Other sitters include Mr....