What Did Palo Alto Look Like in 1878?

This photograph is from around 1878, showing Palo Alto as it looked back then. Before the days of Stanford University and countless tech companies, cows roamed the land. Click on the image for great details. General view of the Palo...


Melbourne’s Elizabeth Street in 1870

Our recent photos of Australia have been quite popular lately. So, we want to add another one to the mix. This one is of Melbourne’s Elizabeth Street in 1870. Photograph of Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, ca. 1870, showing a wide dirt...


1870s Dublin Street View in Blackrock

Check out this beautiful old photo from around 1875. This is taken on Main Street in Blackrock. Main Street in Blackrock Source: National Library of Ireland Here is roughly the same view, this time around 1900 with a paved road...


1870s Photo Near Stephen’s Green in Dublin

This is a great old photo taken sometime between 1873 and 1878 in Dublin, Ireland. It shows a street scene next to Stephen’s Green, with a streetcar and some carriages making their way around the corner. Stephen’s Green, Dublin Source: National...


1877 Map of Nashville

What a cool old map of Nashville about a decade after the Civil War. Make sure you click on it for a larger, more detailed version. Source: Library of Congress


Awe-Inspiring 1872 Photo of the Grand Canyon

This is a very old, 1872, photo of Grand Canyon in Arizona. Way off in the distance is a man sitting on the ledge (near the left). That is John Hiller, an American government photographer. He was originally from Germany,...