1884 Map of Camden, Maine

We love these old fire maps. Here’s a Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Camden, Maine from 1884.


The French Opera House in New Orleans

Sadly, this lovely building was destroyed by fire in 1919. But this lovely photo shows it in glorious detail as it stood in the 1880s. Source: Library of Congress


What Did Singapore Look Like in the 1880s?

This photo shows the visit of the Duke of Cornwall & York to Singapore in 1882. I’m not great with the history of British royalty, but I believe this would be The Prince Albert Edward (i.e., Edward VII). If I’m...


Look At Deadwood, South Dakota in 1888

These photos show the town of Deadwood in South Dakota back in 1888. Pretty amazing details in these, so click on them to zoom in. Source: Shorpy Source: Shorpy


Old Queen Arms Hotel in Melbourne, Australia Circa 1880

Our last photo of Melbourne was quite popular. Who knew we had so many Aussie fans! Well, here is another great historic photo from Australia, showing the old Queen Arms Hotel in Melbourne. Click the image for more details. Source:...


Sydney’s The Gap in the 1880s

What a beautiful old photo of The Gap in Sydney, Australia. The photo was taken in the 1880s. Sydney’s most notorious suicide spot, the cliff in front of the buildings, right. On 20 September 1857, the Dunbar was trying to...