Utah State University in 1892

It’s been quite some time since we uncovered great old photos. Here’s a cool one from the Utah, showing Utah State University in 1892. Source: Wikipedia

New Orleans in the 1890s

These lovely images show New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1890s. Click them for greater details.


Great 1890s Photos of Scotland

Here is a great series of photos shared by a reader, Bill. A couple of these photos show Dunoon,  a small coastal town in West Scotland in the late 1890s. A couple others show Edinburgh around the same time. Click...


Boston Bird’s-Eye View in the 1890s

Back in the 1890s, this is what the city of Boston looked like. Source: Shorpy Circa 1890s Boston, Massachusetts. “Birdseye view of Charlestown & Bunker Hill Monument.” Note the number and variety of fenced “roof yards.” 8×10 inch glass negative,...


Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Around 1890

If you’ve ever been to Istanbul, you know how beautiful the city is. Here’s a lovely old photo of Hagia Sophia from way back in 1890. Click on it for more stunning details. Source: Photographic Heritage

Portland, Oregon 1890

Portland, Oregon in 1890

This wonderful old map shows Portland back in 1890. Click on it for an incredible view with details. Source: Library of Congress


Great Photo of Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak in 1890

Take a look at the great details in this old 1890 photo of Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak. Quite a beautiful photo if you click on it for a larger version. Bird’s-eye view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak in 1890 Source:...


1890s Photo of Norway’s Parliament in Oslo

What a great photochrom of Norway’s parliament building in Oslo, also known as the Storting building (Stortingsbygningen). The building’s construction began in 1860 and was completed in 1866. Click on the image for a terrific, larger version. This image is...


Beautiful Port of Helsinki in the 1890s

Anyone from Finland out there, or visit Helsinki before and recognize where this is? It appears to be somewhere close to the water where you can see, what appears to be, the Uspenski Cathedral. Helsinki waterfront in the 1890s Source:...