What Did Montreal Look Like in 1916?

Here we are, 100 years from this photo. Click on it to see what Montreal looked like back then. It’s quite a stunning old image. Source: Shorpy


1917 U.S. Naval Academy Graduation in Annapolis

This great old photo shows graduation festivities at the Naval Academy back in 1917. What a stunning photo. Source: Shorpy This was also cross-posted on our sister-site, Ghosts of Baltimore.


Look at Shanghai in the 1910s

This wonderful old image from the 1910s shows Shanghai, China as it looked in the early part of the 20th century. Click on it for some amazing details. Source Library of Congress

Flinders Street railway station

Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station Around 1910

Check out what the railway station looked like back over 100 years ago. The photo below shows the Flinders Street Station as it looked right around when it opened in 1909. Source: Pieces of Victoria An interesting bit of trivia...

Houston -- a modern city in 1912

Check Out Houston in 1912

This amazing old bird’s eye view of Houston was done in 1912. Click on it to see what you recognize of the city today. Source: Library of Congress 


Miami’s Lost Halcyon Hotel in 1912

This is a stunning old photo of the Halycon Hotel in Miami back in 1912. The hotel stood at what is now East Flagler St. and NE 2nd Ave. January 29, 1912. “Halcyon Hotel, 12th Street and Avenue B, Miami,...


Titanic Newspaper Headlines 104 Years Ago

Here are the front pages of newspapers from 104 years ago, the morning after Titanic hit an iceberg in the Atlantic and went to the bottom. Source: Library of Congress