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Johnny Carson Was the Prince of Chit-Chat

How cool is this photo of Johnny Carson, a moment frozen in time. You're looking at the legendary TV host in July...
John Glenn, Lyndon B. Johnson and John F. Kennedy at Cape Canaveral.

John Glenn and President Kennedy in 1962

This photo shows astronaut John Glenn, shaking the hand of President Kennedy, with Vice President Johnson in the background.
LOS ANGELES - JUNE 20: THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW ep: "Opie's Girlfriend". Andy Griffith and Opie (Ron Howard). (Photo by CBS via Getty Images) *** local caption *** Ron Howard;Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith and Ron Howard

  Source: N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

When Jack Ruby Shot Lee Harvey Oswald

This photo captures the precise moment when Oswald was shot by Ruby, and it was colorized by Marina Amaral. It's a stunning moment in...

President Kennedy Meets Future President Clinton

This is one of the greatest photos in American history. President John F. Kennedy shakes the hand of future president William Jefferson Clinton. Just...

Sandy Koufax Was The Best (1962)

This photo is such an amazing moment in history. Click on it for better details.

Rare 1962 Photo of JFK and LBJ at Cape Canaveral

This rare photo of the president and the vice president, show them at Cape Canaveral way back in 1962.Source: Flickr user James Vaughn

Rare Beatles Photo From 1968

This stunning old photo shows the Beatles back in 1968, taken by Richard Avedon.Source: Flickr user James Vaughn

Chicago’s Marina City in 1964

When these two building were built in 1964, they were the tallest residential structures in the entire world. The two buildings were meant to...

Check Out Miami in 1964

This great old photo shows Miami, Florida back in 1964. At left you'll see The Fontainebleau Hotel. 1964. "Miami Beach from Indian Creek." The...

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