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Beautiful Aerial View of Parliament House in Canberra

This stunning old photo from 1937 shows Parliament House in Canberra, Australia. Source: Flickr

Sydney’s Bondi Beach in 1937

This great old photo shows Bondi Beach in Sydney in 1937.Source: Royal Australian Historical Society

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge Under Construction in the 1930s

Check out this wonderful old photo of Sydney's Harbour Bridge being built.Source: Royal Australian Historical Society
Flinders Street railway station

Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station Around 1910

Check out what the railway station looked like back over 100 years ago. The photo below shows the Flinders Street Station as it looked...

Old Market in Perth, Australia in the 1930s

This old photo shows Perth, Australia back in the early 1930s. You're looking at Perth Markets, opened in 1897 at the corner of William...

View of Adelaide, Australia in the 1930s

This cool old photo shows the city of Adelaide some time in the 1930s. Image Description from historic lecture booklet: "Adelaide is a prosperous...

King William Street in Adelaide, Australia 1950s

This wonderful old photos from the 1950s shows King William Street in Adelaide. F1 type tram 278 in King William Street, Adelaide. The GPO...

What Did Perth, Australia Look Like in the 1930s?

Here is a cool series of photos showing Perth, Australia back in the 1930s. Click on them for more stunning details. They're quite beautiful. Perth...

Pan Am 747 at Sydney International Airport in 1970

This terrific old photo from October 25th, 1970 was taken in Sydney, Australia and shows the second-ever Boeing 747 manufacturer and delivered to Pan...

Sydney’s Bondi Beach in 1969

This photo was taken by an American soldier on shore leave from Vietnam. Sydney's Bondi Beach in 1969 Source: Shorpy

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