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Boston Bird’s-Eye View in the 1890s

Back in the 1890s, this is what the city of Boston looked like.Source: ShorpyCirca 1890s Boston, Massachusetts. "Birdseye view of Charlestown & Bunker Hill...

Look at State Street in Boston Back in 1905

This great old photo shows Boston's State St. way back in 1905. Click on it for some amazing details.Source: Library of Congress
The town of Boston in New England

1722 Plan of the Town of Boston in New England

What a fascinating old map of the town of Boston.

This Was Boston in the 1850s and 1860s

Check out this great series of photos showing Boston in the late 1850s and early 1860s. Click on them to see greater details. They're...

Beautiful Aerial View of Boston in 1928

Check out this great old photo of Boston from the air in 1928. North End with Customs House and markets in centre foreground, North...

Tremont Street in Boston Back in 1906

This great photo shows Boston, Massachusetts in 1906, looking down Tremont St. Anyone recognize the block? Tremont Street looking south, Boston, Mass. (1906) Source: Library...

1906 Waterfront Views of Boston

Check out these cool and beautiful views of Boston from 1906, the same year President Teddy Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize, the first U.S....

Incredibly Detailed Photo of Boston’s Commonwealth Avenue in 1902

This beautiful old photo from 1902 shows Boston's Commonwealth Avenue. Click on it for some amazing details. 1902 photo of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston,...

1904 Photo of Sumner Street in Boston

Can anyone identify where this is on Sumner Street in Boston, Massachusetts? The image was taken back in 1904. Add your comments below and...

Beautiful Photos of Boston Public Library in 1899, 1900, and 1910

Check out this cool then, then, and then few photos of Boston Public Library back in 1899, a year later in 1900, and then a decade later...

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