Check Out Brooklyn in 1930

Here’s a cool photo we dug up on Shorpy showing Brooklyn in 1930. The original poster thought it was Bethlehem, PA, but clearly through the comments, it appears that this is in Brooklyn. Source: Shorpy


Stunning Early 1900s Photo of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

This picture speaks for itself. This is Brooklyn’s Prospect Park around 1903. Click on it to see a larger, more detailed version. It’s pretty stunning. Source: Library of Congress When you click on the above photograph, you’ll be able to...


Stunning 1913 Panorama of the Brooklyn Bridge

This photo shows a stunning panorama of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York as seen in 1913. What an incredible view. Make sure you click on it to see a really amazing larger version with great details. The Brooklyn Bridge...


1879 Bird’s-Eye View of Brooklyn

What an incredible view of Brooklyn from 1879. Take a look at this and make sure you click on the image for a larger, more detailed version. Zooming in on the image is pretty fascinating. 1879 bird’s-eye view of Brooklyn...


This is Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue in the 1920s

We love old photos like this, especially showing New York City in the 1920s. This specific one shows Brooklyn, looking west on Atlantic Avenue from Sackman Street. Source: Flickr user Andy Blair Below is what we believe to be approximately...


1920 World Series at Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field

This is a beautiful old ballpark. It’s a damn shame the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles back in 1958. Brooklyn loved “Dem Bums.” Crowd at Ebbets Field, 10/5/20 Source: Library of Congress


1904 Brooklyn Bridge in Color

This is simply amazing and beautiful. This is the work of Dana Keller, whose site I stumbled upon this weekend. She does incredible work colorizing old photos, bringing a whole new life to them. Check out her site and see...


Brooklyn Bridge in 1905

Take a look at what Brooklyn Bridge looked like 110 years ago. This is a stunning old black and white image to share with your friends. Click on it for a larger version. New York circa 1905. “Brooklyn Bridge over...