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A Look Back at Brooklyn in 1930 Through a Photo Found on Shorpy
Take a look back in time with this cool photo of Brooklyn in 1930. Found on Shorpy, it was originally...
What Did Brooklyn's Ebbets Field Look Like?
Ebbets Field in Brooklyn was a baseball mecca. The Dodgers played there until they moved to Los Angeles...
A Glimpse of Brooklyn's Prospect Park from 1903
Take a look at a stunning photograph of Brooklyn's Prospect Park from 1903. Click on the image to see...
Stunning Panorama of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York in 1913
Take a look at this incredible view of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York City as seen in 1913. Click on...
An Incredible 1879 Birds-Eye View of Brooklyn - Click to Zoom in for a Fascinating Look
Take a look at this incredible 1879 birds-eye view of Brooklyn, and make sure to click on the image for...
Exploring Brooklyn in the 1920s: A Look Back at Atlantic Ave from Sackman Street
Explore a piece of Brooklyn in the 1920s with this amazing photo of Atlantic Ave from Sackman Street....
A Look Back at Ebbets Field: Brooklyn's Beloved Ballpark
Take a trip back in time to Ebbets Field, the beloved home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Relive the history...
Stunning Colorization of Brooklyn Bridge in 1904 by Dana Keller
This is simply amazing and beautiful. This is the work of Dana Keller, whose site I stumbled upon this...
Take a Look at Brooklyn Bridge 110 Years Ago - Stunning Old Black and White Image
Take a look at what Brooklyn Bridge looked like 110 years ago in this stunning old black and white image....
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