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What Did Montreal Look Like in 1916?

Here we are, 100 years from this photo. Click on it to see what Montreal looked like back then. It's quite a stunning old...
Winnipeg 1900s

What Did Winnipeg Look Like in 1900?

This photo dates from the turn of the 20th century and you're looking at Winnipeg, Manitoba.Source: Flickr user winterbosBelow is the description of the...

What Did Calgary Look Like in 1971?

Check out this great old photo we found on Flickr, showing Calgary in 1971. You're looking at the 439 bus crossing what appears to...

Recognize Montreal From 1916?

Look at this great old photo of Montreal in 1916. You're looking at St. Catherine St. Circa 1916. "St. Catherine Street, Montreal, Quebec." Je...

Beautiful Toronto Winter Skyline in 1963

Check out this lovely photo from 1963. You're looking at the skyline of Toronto, Canada. Toronto skyline view in 1963 Source: Flickr user gcosserat

Muddy Streets of Toronto in 1913 Before They Were Paved

This photo is something you'll definitely never see again on the streets of Toronto. It was taken in 1913, and shows a Russell Motor...

What Did the Streets of Toronto Look Like in 1915?

This photo shows the corner of Yonge and Bloor Streets. Corner of Yonge & Bloor Streets - 1915 Source: Flickr user Jim Cagney Here's the same...

Amazing 1890s Photo Windsor Station in Montreal, Canada

You have to see the details in this incredible photograph from the 1890s. This is our first photo of Montreal, Canada so we wanted...

Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver, Canada

Below are two photos of the old Hotel Vancouver. This is the first building built and named Hotel Vancouver, the current one standing being...

Driving Into Toronto in 1979

Check out this cool old school photo. It shows the photographer driving through Toronto on the Gardiner Expressway in 1979. Heading through Toronto on...

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