The First Ford Mustang in 1964

1964 (technically 1964 1/2) was the first year for America’s iconic muscle car, the Ford Mustang. It has to be one of the most beautiful cars ever designed (I’m sure European sports car enthusiasts will turn up their noses at...


1958 Chevy Assembly Line

What a beautiful color photo from October of 1957, showing an assembly line of the latest Chevy cars. October 1957. “Assembly line with 1958 Chevrolets.” 35mm Kodachrome by Phillip Harrington, one of 1,200 photos taken for the Look magazine assignment...


Regular Guy With His Model T in 1923

Photos like this are great. Who is this guy and what happened to him? I love how he’s posing in front of his Model T. Ford Model T, Yakima, Washington, 1923Negative of picture from around 1923 showing a Ford Model...


Six Women and a Convertible in 1939

This is San Francisco life in 1939. These women are sitting in an Oldsmobile convertible in San Francisco for the Golden Gate International Expo. Who are these women, and what became of them? 1939. “General Motors exhibit, Golden Gate International...


1964 Ford Mustang Advertisement

1964 was the year the Ford Mustang, the iconic American muscle car, was introduced. Below is an old advertisement image showing the car. 1964 Ford Mustang Source: