Check Out Miami in 1964

This great old photo shows Miami, Florida back in 1964. At left you’ll see The Fontainebleau Hotel. 1964. “Miami Beach from Indian Creek.” The Fontainebleau Hotel at left. Source: Shorpy


Miami’s Lost Halcyon Hotel in 1912

This is a stunning old photo of the Halycon Hotel in Miami back in 1912. The hotel stood at what is now East Flagler St. and NE 2nd Ave. January 29, 1912. “Halcyon Hotel, 12th Street and Avenue B, Miami,...


Daytona Beach, Florida in 1904

This great old photo shows Daytona Beach in Florida in 1904. Click on the photo for details. Daytona Beach, Florida, circa 1904. “Bathing hour on the beach at Seabreeze.” 8×10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. Source: Shorpy


Jacksonville, Florida at Night in 1910

This beautiful photo shows the city of Jacksonville in Florida, back in 1910. Make sure you click on it for a larger version. It’s pretty amazing. Jacksonville, Florida, circa 1910. “Forsyth Street at night.” 8×10 inch dry plate glass negative,...