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A Photographic Look at the Cathedral in Cologne During World War II
Discover a beautiful black and white photo of the cathedral in Cologne during World War II. Thankfully,...
Beautiful Photochrom of Brooks Bridge (Brooksbrücke) in Hamburg, Germany from 1908
Take a look at this beautiful photochrom from 1908 that shows Brooks Bridge (Brooksbrücke) in Hamburg,...
A Glimpse of Frankfurt, Germany in the 1910s
Take a look at this wonderful old photo of Frankfurt, Germany in the 1910s as seen from the Main River....
Revisiting the Historic 1964 Meeting Between Robert F. Kennedy and Willy Brandt in Berlin
Revisit the historic meeting between Robert F. Kennedy and Willy Brandt, the former Governing Mayor of...
The Berlin City Palace: From Its Construction to Its Destruction by World War II
Take a journey through the history of the Berlin City Palace. Learn about its construction in 1443, its...
Witnessing the Devastation of Berlin After World War II: Three YouTube Videos
Explore the devastation of Berlin after World War II through three YouTube videos. Witness the destruction...
Powerful and Sad Photos of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany from the End of WWII
Take a look at the powerful and sad photos of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate taken around the end of World...
Exploring Leipzigerplatz, Berlin - A Photo from the Early 1900s
Exploring Leipzigerplatz, Berlin - a beautiful image captured in the early 1900s that isn't labeled with...
Exploring Berlin in 1989, the Year the Berlin Wall Came Down
In 1989, the Berlin Wall came down and marked the end of a divided Germany. Explore Berlin in 1989 with...
Explore the Past and Present of Berlin's Reichstag Building
Take a journey through time and explore the Reichstag Building in Berlin. See a stunning old photo of...
How Surreal: A Photo of the Berlin Wall in October 1961
How surreal is this photo? This is a photo of the Berlin Wall in October 1961, taken by a West Berliner...
A Stunning Colorized View of Dresden, Germany in the 1890s
Take a look at this incredible colorized view of Dresden, Germany in the 1890s. Be amazed by the beauty...
Exploring the Berlin Wall in 1961
Take a trip back in time to the Berlin Wall of 1961 with our exclusive photo collection. Explore the...
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