Amazing 1560 Map of London

Check this out … what an amazing old map of the city of London in 1560. Source: Earthly Mission And below is what the area looks like in today’s Google Maps.


London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1896

This awesome photo shows St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1896. Click on it for a better view. St. Paul’s Cathedral & Blackfriars Bridge, London Source: Library of Congress


This Was London Bridge in 1896

This stunning old photo shows London Bridge in 1896. Click on it for a larger, more detailed version. Photograph shows view of the London Bridge crowded with carriage and pedestrian traffic. Source: Library of Congress


1890s London Bridge in Color

What a stunning image this is, showing London Bridge in color from the 1890s. This is one of those truly stunning old images with tremendous detail. Make sure you click on it to see a larger version. London Bridge in...


Amazing 1860s Rooftop View of London

This is an absolutely incredible view of London taken around the 1860s. Click on it for a larger version. 1860s view of London Source: National Library of Ireland


Buckingham Palace at Night in the 1920s

Here is a beautiful photo of Buckingham Palace in London at night. The photo was taken sometime in the  1920s. Buckingham Palace at night   Source: Vintage Everyday