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An Incredible 1798 Map of Maine Created in Hamburg, Germany
This 1798 map of Maine is truly incredible. It was created in Hamburg, Germany by Carl Ernst Bohn. Discover...
A Look Back at Bowdoin College in 1910 through Historic Photos
Take a look back at Bowdoin College in 1910 with these three historic photos. Click on them for larger...
Bar Harbor Photos From the Early 1900s
What did Bar Harbor look like in the early 1900s? Check out these old images of Maine from back then....
Take a Trip Back in Time with this 1904 Map of Bar Harbor, Maine
Explore Bar Harbor, Maine in 1904 with this detailed map. Take a trip back in time and marvel at the...
Exploring Bar Harbor in the 1940s Through Postcards from Digital Commonwealth
Explore Bar Harbor, Maine in the 1940s with postcards from Digital Commonwealth. See the Municipal Pier,...
Exploring Bar Harbor, Maine: Take the Scary Precipice Trail in Acadia National Park
Have you ever been to Bar Harbor, Maine? It's one of the most beautiful places to visit, especially in...
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