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Marilyn Monroe in 1951
A Stunning Photo of the Epic and Historic Beauty, Marilyn Monroe from 1951
Take a look at this stunning photo of the iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe, taken in 1951 by Earl Theisen....
Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene during their ballerina sitting.
A Rare Look at Marilyn Monroe Through the Lens of Milton Greene
A rare look at the iconic Marilyn Monroe, captured by the famous photographer Milton Greene in 1954....
Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe attend the premiere of ‘How To Marry A Millionaire’ on November 4, 1953
A Glimpse Into the Glamour of 1960s Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall Attend the Premiere of 'How To Marry A Millionaire'
Get a glimpse into the glamour of 1960s Hollywood with this incredible photo of famed actresses Marilyn...
A Look at Marilyn Monroe in 1953
Take a look at a stunning photo of Marilyn Monroe in 1953, taken by Earl Theisen for Look magazine. See...
The Most Beautiful Woman Ever - Just a Stunning Beauty
Take a look at the most beautiful woman ever! Just a stunning beauty; check out the incredible photo...
The Rare Photo of Marilyn Monroe From 1962 Filming 'Something's Got to Give'
This rare photo of Marilyn Monroe from 1962 shows her filming the pool scene of the unfinished Something's...
A Picture of Marilyn Monroe in Canada After Spraining Her Ankle Filming 'River of No Return'
Take a look at this picture of Marilyn Monroe in Canada after spraining her ankle while filming the movie...
Photos of 21-Year-Old Marilyn Monroe in 1947
Take a look back at photos of the young and upcoming Marilyn Monroe (aka Norma Jeane Mortenson) from...
A Look Inside Marilyn Monroe's 1953 Playful Elegance
Get a glimpse into Marilyn Monroe's playful elegance from 1953. See beautiful vintage photos taken by...
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