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Marilyn Monroe in 1951
A Stunning Photo of the Epic and Historic Beauty, Marilyn Monroe from 1951
Take a look at this stunning photo of the iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe, taken in 1951 by Earl Theisen....
Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene during their ballerina sitting.
A Rare Look at Marilyn Monroe Through the Lens of Milton Greene
A rare look at the iconic Marilyn Monroe, captured by the famous photographer Milton Greene in 1954....
Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe attend the premiere of ‘How To Marry A Millionaire’ on November 4, 1953
A Glimpse Into the Glamour of 1960s Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall Attend the Premiere of 'How To Marry A Millionaire'
Get a glimpse into the glamour of 1960s Hollywood with this incredible photo of famed actresses Marilyn...
A Look at Marilyn Monroe in 1953
Take a look at a stunning photo of Marilyn Monroe in 1953, taken by Earl Theisen for Look magazine. See...
The Most Beautiful Woman Ever - Just a Stunning Beauty
Take a look at the most beautiful woman ever! Just a stunning beauty; check out the incredible photo...
A Rare Look at Marilyn Monroe Filming the Pool Scene of Something's Got to Give in 1962
Take a rare look at Marilyn Monroe in 1962 as she films the pool scene of the unfinished movie Something's...
A Picture of Marilyn Monroe in Canada After Spraining Her Ankle Filming 'River of No Return'
Take a look at this picture of Marilyn Monroe in Canada after spraining her ankle while filming the movie...
Photos of 21-Year-Old Marilyn Monroe in 1947
Take a look back at photos of the young and upcoming Marilyn Monroe (aka Norma Jeane Mortenson) from...
A Look Inside Marilyn Monroe's 1953 Playful Elegance
Get a glimpse into Marilyn Monroe's playful elegance from 1953. See beautiful vintage photos taken by...
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